Can Asbestos Related Diseases Be Predicted ?

Doctor Ray Harron says yes it can and charges $125 per medical report and can review up to 150 X-rays each day. That is a awesome $18, 750 for each day's review function. Who would have thought that a company of simply screening X-rays could be so profitable? Let's be clear that the medical reviews are dictated by him, typed up through his staff, and then sent off towards the legal team involved.

Individually I would argue that from a purely record point of view there are many different ways the person can become chronically sick or even die. Gunshot, RTA or air accident would seem to be probably the most obvious. How many of these who have received financial settlements through Asbestos Poisoning-related torts will die from these three aspects? It is quite possible that most of them will. Other diseases including cardiovascular attacks, strokes, obesity may also be the cause of many fatalities.

What can an individual that has lost his business, because of the product claims, do when the majority of people who claimed, never contracted an asbestos poisoning-related illness or cancer? The person who made the actual claim could easily be dead and then there is absolutely no claim! Wait a moment, could there be a claim within the dead person's estate that they have obtained money under false pretenses? What about the actual attorneys who pressed the claims of their customers to the letter of the law. What are the grounds for them being sued through defense lawyers who lost money and clients because of their tactics? Are we being difficult? No . The businesses that are broke could have employed people in the current economic downturn but the opportunity for this has been seized away from them. Anger and bitterness may eat people up until they can take action.